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Shemale Discounts is a network site that provides you with an unlimited all-inclusive access pass to the entire family of Ferro Network shemale sites which now consists of 8 excellent quality all original sites including such legendary titles as Shemales Fuck Guys, Trans Pantyhose and Shemales Fuck Girls - all of them featuring exclusive original content only that can not be found some place else.

Shemale Discounts password gets you access to one of the biggest and the most interesting collections of shemales stuff out there. There are sites featuring shemales having sex with guys (where they'd either give or receive, there are both kinds of action available), shemales having sex with girls (there's one site that features that kind of stuff specifically and also at several other sites shemale/girl content gets occasionally posted), and shemales having sex with shemales type of action - basically, anything shemales could fuck, they would within our network. There is also nylon fetish action available at one site specifically, and at most other sites shemales would wear sexy lingerie like pantyhose or nylon stockings too. One more site which is really cool is dedicated to shemale brides having their wedding sex.

Shemale models are mostly Brazilian and Argentinean - they're stunningly beautiful and there are literally hundreds of them hotties available for your enjoyment. Content was shot in a wide variety of decently looking locations - our network is definitely not the type of places that drive you mad showing same action on the same sofa over and over again.

All sites feature loads of movies - there are more than 1100 of hot shemale flicks available as of now, they are mostly WMV HDs and some of the older videos are standard res AVIs. Photos are not forgotten too - there are more than 1000 photo galleries currently posted. New material is posted every day.

Navigation at all sites is both very easy and pleasant, and on top of that there's the special updates access interface available for Shemale Discounts members - with it you can quickly access all updates within the network, both shemale and all other.

Shemale Discounts password allows you access to the entire Ferro Network, not only to shemale sites - meaning you have full unlimited access to more than 50 quality all original sites that are well recognized across the world for their unique and very erotic approach at shooting porn.

After the initial payment the cost of your Shemale Discounts membership will go down and after 4 months you'll paying only $29.95 renewal fee which is a giveaway price for the amount of quality stuff and updates you get.

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Shemale niche is represented at Ferro Network with the family of 8 excellent quality original sites, which show you shemales in various types of action – fucking boys, girls and even each other. Sites feature video content mostly, but pictures are available too. Most of the videos are glorious quality widescreen HD which allow you to see hot shemale action just as if you're there. There are hundreds of shemale models available – most of them are Brazilian or Argentinean and they are just smoking hot, for the most part you cannot tell them from real girls until you see the dick. Their striking similarity to real women is especially obvious when you see shemale + girl type of sets - if you don't know who of the two is the shemale beforehand, you're lost. It is amazing when you jerk and do not know who're you jerking at until both pairs of panties go down and the action begins. Action itself is always hot as hell and very realistic in all types of sets at all sites.

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